Tuesday, October 20, 2009


it's pretty late... I'm really craving some time with the Lord...

it's amazing that we try to work everything else out of our schedule so we can fit time in with God.  that's a really backward view of how it oughtta be, according to the Truth that I've come to glean.

all of our work, our businesses, our sustainance, our vocation, etc, comes down from God - provided they all fall under the category of 'good' .  And yet, how often do we bring our eyes down from the Lord and cherish the gift rather than the giver?


I've been thinking a lot about the suffiency of Christ, amidst my own strivings.  In light of those meditations, I've been realizing how utterly useless and insignificant I am in and of myself.  To think that God chooses to glorify Himself - all powerful, infinite God - in the life of this finite sinner...


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