Monday, October 19, 2009

1: beginning


last night was my first night in apartment 37.  I bought some oat meal, some cream of wheat, some speakers, put some Nat King Cole on (feat. George Shearing) [september song]...

and didn't get as much time to think as I wanted to.

I started to try and clean.  I cleaned up a little bit, but it was late.  it was almost that feeling of... 'Hey I can try to organize everything (every little thing) in this place, BUT my mind is far more cluttered at the moment.'

(my lovely fiance showed up while I was out bringing home the bacon bits and straightened things up a little bit for me/us)

I think more than anything, I came to some big realizations... but couldn't think through them.  it was too late, you know?  far too late. 

right now I'm listening to the album leaf and working on some web design for a client that I could probably lose soon.  whatever the outcome, lose or sustain, I will have gained this valuable lesson that I seem to have forgotten in years past:

the difference between being ahead and being behind doesn't necesary lie in minutes, hours, days, weeks, etc - it lies in that split second decision that one makes to choose to do one activity over another.

whatever gain or whatever loss my avail, all is but rubbish in the shadow cast by the surpassing greatness of knowing Jesus Christ our God and Savior.

this is my new blog.  it's a little less known, and I like that.

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