Friday, October 23, 2009

train song

I jumped off my car, today.  Jumped from the curb, over the sidewalk, onto the front lawn of our new apartment complex.

A man approached.  Said he'd been praying.  Offered me a job.  Left me a voice mail.  Said he'd get in touch with me...

I called him.  I haven't heard from him, yet.  I'm going to call him tomorrow (today) and ask him what's going on.

His voice mail - that's what I got.  I got his voice mail.  It said, at the end of it, "And remember - don't let anyone stop you from dreaming."

There's a chair here, now - a nice one that we got from a dear sweet friend of ours.  A foot stool, a desk.  My monitor is hooked up, now...  Finally, things are slowing down.  I can sit down and work.  There's a place for me, now, and I'm so grateful.

And there's a train in the distance.  Probably a big freight train.  I can hear its horn cutting through the cool autumn air outside, echoing through the streets, getting caught up in the trees and coming through my window from miles away.  And now it's gone.

I used to dream.  I really did.

maybe I'm starting to see fruition.  maybe I can't let the opinions of a few old men stop the flame.  no.

there's a fire in my bones.

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