Saturday, October 31, 2009


I'm pretty excited about this game that's coming out - part of a three part (or maybe 4 now) compilation of games...

it's interesting, video games...  people can read books and get lost in them, enjoy a good movie, but there's a certain part of the video game culture that gets looked down upon.  I guess that's how it goes, sometimes.  no one looks down on the book nerds.  it's socially relevant to be able to discuss a good movie or two, and their directors and all the fun trivia that comes along with those kinds of things.

but not videogames.  and videogames have played an interesting role in my life, until now.  a lot of morals, I think... pre-regenerate, and even now, as I run these things through the 'lense of Scripture,' so to speak, I feel like there's really... a lot that someone thoughtful can come away with from some of the interactive media adventures that I've endeavoured (sp?) to see through to the end.  much more so than, say, harry potter?  or twilight?

don't get me wrong...

videogames and 2D media has also kind of played a big role in getting me to where I am, today, vocationally.  totally by God's providence and His total guidance, yeah - I want to acknowledge that fully.  I remember graal online, click and create, QBASIC, html, xml, paint shop pro, adobe CS1 (was there even a 1? it was a long time ago), and all that jazz.  and I remember everything that propelled it - final fantasy, the legend of zelda, the metroid saga, mega man... shadow of the colossus, and all kinds of different adventures...  things that weren't mindless, I don't think.  I actually probably learned how to read and write better from Final Fantasy.  go figure.

now that I've stepped out of all of that life...

now that I'm stepping into bigger, better things... I think I often wonder how dissapointed or excited that kid would've been.  I'm 23, soon.  getting married.  and dang it, I'm stoked.  God's doing a lot.

and there's a sense where it is an adventure, yeah.  but what about those drawings I used to draw?  all over my papers, up and down the margins.  what happened when they kept getting (honestly) better and better, and probably when my immagine was at it's peak?

nothing.  I don't know.

I would never go back and tell myself...  although maybe, there ARE parts that I would tell myself, yeah... but maybe nothing like...

"Look, Adam.  There are no sword fights, no magic, no impending evils to vanquish.  No incredible physical abilities, no quests, no big adventure.  No, Adam...  no, it's just a bunch of lazy people on every end of the spectrum - people going to hell and people that don't care, and you're going to spend a lot of time fighting the people that you want to be on your side and being hurt and discouraged by the people that you would think would be your biggest support group.  There's no princesses to save, no dragons to save, no dramatic losses on the battle field.  In fact, you hate guns.  There's just cold, hard reality in the future and you're going to spend most of your time, at least right now, mulling over that fact and praying and waiting for God to open up the door to something big.  And people will think you're naive.  Your conversations will be tiring, no one - even your loved ones - will want to hear you and you'll spend most of your talks either talking about nothing because you're tired, or tiring yourself out talking about important things, labouring to convince people that they ARE important.  And most of all, you're going to get tired because you'll be trying harder than ever to do it all on your own strength - not the Lords.  And senior compentency exams will be killer."

But don't give up.  Yeah, don't.  It's still too big to give up.  Just pray for revival and keep your hands open.

Needless to say - it would be cool to get a PS3 and nab this game when it came out.  I don't think, really, there'd be much of a problem with that.  Keep that kid alive.  At least I could see saved lives in a fake world.  Of course I don't/won't have the money for any of that.

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