Sunday, February 21, 2010

be seein you

friends come in all shapes and sizes.  they come at different seasons, different times of life.
we have old friends, we have new friends.

very seldom, though, do friends emerge and prove themselves over time to be true friends.

and I've been thinking about that, recently.  among other things.  in fact, I've been thinking about a lot of things lately but I've been having a hard time finding anyone to tell any thing to.

maybe it's juvenile.  I don't know.  maybe it's just growing up.  maybe it just happens.

but there were friends.  old friends.  quick friends.  at one time, yes, new friends.

yes, you were friends.  we drove far, we stayed a long time, and part of my heart broke there when everyone left.  I took some of the pieces with us when we left.  I tried not to make a scene, make a fuss.  time moves on, I suppose.  and me - I'm out of sight, out of mind.  it only hurts so bad because I missed all of you, though.  so much.  I don't want a fan fair when we come back down the free way, I don't want to force any of you in to doing anything that you'd rather not do.  maybe all I wanted was to spend an evening with you.  because we drove far.  because I've missed you.  because gas cost money.

but now I'm finding that, part of growing up is realizing how many people really didn't ever like you as much as you thought you did.  and part immaturity is connecting the dots, wondering what was real, wondering what wasn't real.  part of being human is being hurt. 

part of knowing God is knowing the comfort the Lord brings.


  1. I wrote a comment but it didn't post (at least not yet) If it doesn't show up I will post again.

  2. Adam, over the years we have had friends that have been friends for a season and then also, friends that have been friends forever! I appreciate them all, and the things I have learned from each of them have helped me be a better friend (I hope).

  3. Adam, watching you grow up over the years I have known you is inspiring. You have grown up, matured, grown in your knowledge & love of the Lord, become a man after God's own heart, a wonderful husband & partner to Erin, and I know you are going to make an incredible father.

    I know things down here have changed so much. Sometimes it breaks my heart to see how people who were once so close, and close to the Lord, and served together, now only "show up on Sunday". This should not be. But I learned after the whole Pastor Karl debacle that Jim & I went through, it's so not about me, it's all about HIM.

    And while it may be hard to lose "what once was", know that you are making decisions for yourself & your family that God is directing. I have WAY less friends than I did 'back in the day', but I am glad to have less friends when I know that the ones I have now are there for me even when it is tough & uncomfortable at times. They hold me accountable and can speak the truth in love. I'll take this smaller group any day of the week!

    One last time you do drive down the freeway with your lovely wife...your both welcome in my home to break bread together any time. Much love.