Monday, November 16, 2009

I hope my son reads this, if God gives me a son

well I'm useless with out a seminary education. even if I had an MA (or a 'minimal ability' as they call it in our accademic circles - something I found out recently much to my dismay) I just feel utterly at the bottom of the barrel. at least, that's where I'm at right now...

sometimes you learn how to play the game. people like to know in their hearts that you know where you're going in order to take you seriously. we've gotta have it figured out better than God does and THEN people know that we're serious.
psh.  gimme a break. 
SO - what's going on in my head right now?
newhall outreach center
shepherds theological sem in north carolina
jackson hole, wyoming
boulder, colorado
washington or oregon church plant teams
I guess part of growing up is deciding whether or not you're going to hold fast to your dreams, though.  sometimes older men who've let go, or older men who are 'wise' old sissys will talk down on you, and you've gotta decide whether you're going to keep hanging on to that thing.  you gotta decide, if it's from God, then you can't let go.

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  1. no one is useless with faith brother. faith looks like foolishness to the wisdom of this world. this world's wisdom says that education is the answer to everything.

    i feel you. we get these same pressures. we're planning on planting within this next year and a half. God will do it if that's His will.

    seek His face brother.

    congrats on getting married! that's huge!