Saturday, March 20, 2010

define: complaining

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norah jones is playing with m. ward on austin city limits right now.  they sound really good live.

at one point in my life, a good percentage of my friends were in to things like art and music.  it was inspiring, in it's own ways - I wanted to make music with them, do art, listen and hear their things.  but now, I wasn't in to too many different artists.  I wasn't that cool.  I still have this little flicker of pride deep down knowing that I still don't listen to too many main stream artists.  in fact the majority of what I listen to are still things that too many of my friends haven't heard of.

sometimes I wish it wasn't like that, though.  I wish I had a friend from time to time that was in to more of the the things I was in to, and wasn't very esoteric. I wish I wasn't, too - if I am at all.  but I don't think I can't be, because it's really just me and my own thoughts and I can see how they hardly get me anywhere.

anyways I've done art and music recently, and I feel like i have to force it on to people in order to even get feed back.  it's discouraging.  I've written 2 songs in the last month and they will make their way to no one's ears.  but is that complaining? 

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  1. have i heard song number 2? i'm thinking of 2 different songs but i think one of them is more than a month old..

    i love you and your talent