Wednesday, February 23, 2011

the smell of old photo albums

I'm in texas.  kyle, texas.  30 minutes south of Austin.

a place that I've spent no less than a year, if that, total in the last 4 or 5 years that my family has resided in this area.  it's also a place that I've come to really call my home.

I didn't grow up here.  I barely ever lived here.

 my brother marco is here.  we used to do a lot, together.  we were old buddies.  my dad lives here, too, with my mom.

tomorrow morning we're leaving for WY.

I walk into my bedroom here, and it's almost like walking into a time warp.  if there was ever a place in this entire world that I felt entirely safe, it's where I'm sitting right now - on my bed, in my room, in kyle, tx.

I do love my dear wife, and I miss her and my son more than I realized I would when they dropped me off at the airport.

not long ago, she sent this to me:

'You're my precious husband and whenever you are on the cusp of a life changing event you are nostalgic =) I love you through every step.'

yep.  straight from my brain. a blog entry.

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